Other Idaho Projects

Meridian, Idaho Pathways Master Plan (2010)

The Plan proposes the development of a pathway system that identifies a core system of pathways based on the existing canal system within the City of Meridian. This core system of pathways is enhanced by the developer-implemented pathways that will provide connections to and through many residential areas while creating a larger citywide loop. This system of pathways – explained in more detail in Chapter 3: Design Guidelines – gives community members a wide variety of pathway options throughout the city and to other parts of the metropolitan region.

This Plan is intended to be a guide for pathway development over the next 20 to 50 years. By taking a long view, it includes projects that may be decades away and are dependent on a series of potentially major changes, which may or may not happen. This long view sets forth the vision, the implementation of which depends on City and resident leadership and support.

Boise State University Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Master Plan

The BSU Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Master Plan utilizes data collected over multiple days paired with safety guidelines and suggestions that have been used nation and worldwide to increase perceived safety and decrease potential for conflicts.

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