July 15th   ::   Thanks to attendees of the first interactive public workshop

The interactive public workshop at the Idaho Falls Public Library on July 10th was highly successful. The workshop was attended by nearly 60 people and questions and comments very helpful, positive, and encouraging. Thank you to all who participated and made it an informative and educational experience.

The workshop began with introductions from Greg Weitzel, Parks and Recreation Department Director; and Joe Gilpin and Tom Millar from Alta Planning + Design, consultants on the project. Greg’s presentation outlined the need for a cohesive community, connected by a world class trail system. Joe’s presentation followed, outlining the process of the ‘Connecting our Community’ Plan, and discussed common misconceptions about bicycling and walking, as well as constructive descriptions of bicycle and pedestrian facility types.

Greg and Joe then fielded questions from an attentive and interested audience. After the question and answer period, attendees were encouraged to gather around one of four mapping stations, mark up maps with their suggestions and concerns, talk to the consultants and other members of the plan’s advisory committee, and give feedback. Overall, the workshop was a positive, uplifting experience.

June 27   ::   Public meeting (July 10th)

The first public meeting for the Idaho Falls Connecting our Community Plan will be an interactive workshop on Wednesday, July 10, 2013, from 7-9 pm at the Idaho Falls Public Library (457 W Broadway). At the workshop, the public is welcome to aid the planning process by providing feedback about the existing bicycle and greenway trail system that can aid in refining recommendations for the future.

Check back here for more information on this and future meetings.

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